FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS are DJ T-INA Darling, CHRISTINE LANG and QUIO, two DJs and an MC - everyone of them also with an international individual solo career - who have dedicated their musical activities to broken beats and related styles.
The track selections of the all female Berlin crew reach from Dubstep, Bassline, Garage up to Electro Swing. The FEMMES are famous for their phat DJ sets, combined with QUIOS’s live mc-ing.

DJ T-Ina

Break the party!

In March 1999, FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS got together as the first female DJ collective in Berlin. Ever since, they have been rocking the clubs of the German capital and the rest of the world with their excellent breakbeats.
From 2001 until 2003, the FEMMES’ event series with its vibrant and ecstatic athmosphere at the Bastard Club was an absolute highlight of Berlin’s party life. Since 2004 the FEMMES have appeared with new party concepts, expanding all over the city’s most exciting clubs and venues: Watergate, Icon, ZMF, Deep and Rosis. The FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS MC CONTEST is breaking new ground in the field of break beat. Once a year it gives a forum to young MC’s battling for the title.

In 2007 the FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS have been touring through Romania, where they made a memorable appearance at the well-known TM BASE FESTIVAL in Timisoara.

Break the monotony!

At the same time FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS are a platform for other female DJs and MCs. They feature their colleagues and invite prominent international DJ’s to take part in their events. So with each live appearance of another "femme", a new musical colour is added to the broken beat spectrum.

Break the rules!

For the annual event THE FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS VOLLVERSAMMLUNG (FEMMES CONGREGATION) female DJ’s and Bands from all kinds of artistic backgrounds and directions get together in order to exchange ideas and to party, resulting in an evening of musical excellence and party de luxe. From 2003-2007 it was the FEMMES’ much debated contribution to the Berlin LADYFEST.

Based on the fundamental choice to support female DJ's, MC's and producers of the Broken Beat Scene, they organized a festival - 'FEMMES 'R' US' - that took place at Radialsystem in Berlin from 7.-16. August 2008 with workshops, parties, a film-, a theory panel and an exhibition.

In 2010 next to dj-ing they are more and more engaging in producing music. They created a Dubplate in connection with a live performance at the Megaspree Parade Berlin in June among other projects.

2011 Christine Lang organized the festival Radical Riddims where the Femmes performed alongside Spoek Mathambo, Flore, Uproot Andy, DJ Edgar, Zuzka Poderosa, Daniel Haaksmann, Mackjiggah a. o. T-INA Darling released her first solo album THE FINE ART OF LIVING where she featured as well OUIO on the track "I am the Law".

Break the beat and release it!

The Femmes members have several releases:

„The Fine Art of Living”, Soloalbum T-INA, Rudel Records Berlin

„White Label”, Dubplate 6 tracks, DJ T-INA & QUIO, Spoke, Evan Franco, Femmes Prod.

„We-b-Girlz”, CD Compilation, Track "Trust Me", DJ Spoke & Lady Kay, Berlin Massive Label

„Phui”, Album, AGF PRoDUCKTIoN, QUIO

„New Testament of Funk 5“, CD Compilation, Track „seven, seven“, Unique Label Düsseldorf, as „break a lick cooperation“, DJ T-INA

„Like Oooh!", Album, AGF PRoDUCKTIoN, QUIO

„That's Rhythm", CD Compilation, Ceraton Hamburg, Track „cho, choo” as „break a lick cooperation", DJ T-INA


„Black Arc”, Album Carl Crack, Track: „If you mess with me”, Geist Label Berlin, Carl Crack & DJ T-INA

„Loneliness”, Dub Plate for Lovetank Soundsystem Hamburg, Vocals by DJ T-INA

„Brian de Palma”, Album Whirlpool, Ladomat Hamburg, Track: „This is my house”, Vocals by DJ T-INA

DJ Christine Lang
MC Quio